Jessie B. – Posies Cafe:
“Laurel was referred to me from a fellow small business owner when I confessed to my friend that I had no idea what I was doing with my bookkeeping. What a lifesaver Laurel was! Her unending patience with my receipts in every which place, and the fact that sometimes kids can’t sit thru business meetings… one meeting was held at REI with my two-year-old daughter and her four-year-old son in the climbing gym section, laptops out, kids running around and snacking on leftovers, papers and bills being exchanged. In short, if you feel like you’re drowning in bookkeeping, can’t be sure your P/L sheet is completely accurate, or feel you are in a constant tornado of bills, call Laurel. She’ll help you breathe again.”

Melissa Fuchs – Lello Design:
“Laurel is a life saver! As a small business owner I found myself totally lost when it came to book keeping, taxes, billing, expenses, etc. She came into my office, set me up in QuickBooks, built a family and business budget and went through my 2008 taxes. She found deductions I don’t know I could take. She is patient, kind and eager to help. I would recommend her to any business who needs a professional that offers tlc. I am so thankful to have found her.”

Monica Borelli:
“I’ve worked with several bookkeepers over the years, and also have done my own small business books. Laurel is so efficient and accurate that her fee pays for itself many times over, allowing me to concentrate on other aspects of my business. If you are thinking about using a bookkeeper, but hesitant, thinking you can do it yourself, give her a try. After one session, you’ll be sold!”

“Laurel Tree Accounting has created an amazing and efficient system for my small business. Laurel has taught me shortcuts and groupings which has saved me at least 10 hours a week compared to how my previous accountant and bookkeeper had me setup. She even caught all of the mistakes left behind from my previous bookkeeper. Laurel has taken over when I was unable to complete tasks myself and she has double checked my work when I was able to be more involved. She is an amazing liason with my banking relationships and other accountants. I feel so relieved to be on top of my books and to know exactly what to expect!”

Sarah MacMahon – Little Pea Clothing:
“I met Laurel in a business workshop and hired her on the spot to help me get my small business books in order. She has since not only been a trusted bookkeeper without whom my business could not have not reached the success it has, but also a terrific friend. She has consistently gone above and beyond to make sure my finances are in order and is always available to answer questions, create reports and even helped me secure a large loan to grow my business. She is organized, detailed and an unending source of encouragement and problem solving. If you have a small business, you cannot afford NOT to have Laurel help you manage your finances!

Fara Heath – Sound Roots School of Music:
“Laurel really partners with her clients, she doesn’t just “keep” your books for you but provides valuable insight on how to craft a system that best suits your needs. She also provides great training opportunities and is always available to provide extra support and answer questions. I have been 100% satisfied with her work.”

Joanna – Ground Spring Healing Center:
“Laurel has been so wonderful. She corrected all the mistakes of the last 5 years with our old accountant. She helped me transition to my new payroll service and she double checks me to prevent any more mistakes. She even recommended and helped me get a $35,000 loan at 0% interest for 5 years!”

Judi Martin – Mother Nature’s Baby Store:
“Laurel is a fantastic match for small business. I am very impressed with her ability to work within my business’ strengths and needs and assist me in a tangible way. She didn’t come in and tell me what I needed to do…she did it for me. She efficiently organized our finances and we were immediately able to see the results. I highly recommend Laurel. She is easy to work with, positive and very very helpful. These are great qualities when it comes to working with money.”